Come on in and discover a place where ocean, landscape and people meet in a symphony of natural beauty and shared experience… welcome to Valentia Island


We were doing fine in this very special island. We were known outside mainly by the word of mouth of visitors, and our own island diaspora that has spread to the four corners; fathers, mothers, sons and daughters of this great place. Things change, and so when the Google mapping van arrived, and recorded all of Valentia Island’s byways, wonderful places and stunning vistas, we knew that our little secret was out, that access to our secret has gone global – Welcome to the best place in the world to live in or to visit. Our message to you throughout this website is simple – Come on in for a holiday, enjoy the island, stay a while.

 Apart from the Google thing on the Interweb we can also be located easily from the air – there is a small island to the east of us called ‘Ireland’. They have airports, ports and motorways that will all help in getting you here. The natives on that Island (Ireland) are, in the main, friendly, and will direct you to us.

Welcome to the best place in the world to live  or to  visit… Come on in!


If you are relocating to live and work on the Island our Island Programme Manager will assist you with finding services , Enterprise startup initiatives and general advice about living and working in Ireland . You can contact Elaine Ní Mhurchú on