About Us

We have to face facts – fresh Atlantic sea air, locally produced food, a caring community environment, a complete excellent educational and childcare system from preschool to post Leaving Cert, the sea at your doorstep, triathlon club, events group, football, rugby, golf, soccer and cricket clubs, not a traffic light in sight, walking, hiking, sailing, and all this in the most spectacular setting in western Europe – well, it’s just not for everyone.

But, it could be for you! Valentia Island is a real place with a real and vibrant community. We build boats here, fishing boats, leisure boats, fast working Ribs. We write software, we create, we innovate and we accommodate. Every day people go about their business; farming, building, manufacturing, food producing, and catering for the ever increasing tourist market. The pace of life is not so much slower here than anywhere else – it’s just more deliberate, more reflective.

We care about community, we are there for ourselves but we are also there for each other and our children and our neighbours and their children. We surf the internet wave like everywhere else and we have our fair share of twitterers, Facebookers, instagrammers and snappers. We are committed to growing our community in a sustainable way through the creation and promotion of jobs in business across all sectors. Valentia Island offers a stable and authentic life experience for the potential entrepreneur.

Valentia Island Development Company is the Island enterprise company dedicated to promoting existing and potential new businesses interested in developing in our unique Island setting. If you are interested in relocating to Valentia, establishing a business on our island or looking to get involved in a community group, please get in touch!


Enterprises and Services

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Supporting these local enterprises and service providers supports the creation of jobs in Valentia Island

Airmid Natural Irish Skincare

Bog Cotton Gifts


Final Dimensions

James Lynch Construction Ltd.

Greenhouse Flower Centre

John A. Curran Builders

Kennedy Bus Hire

Murphy Marine Services

Quigley's Hackney

Skellig Wars T-shirts

Stephen Power Photography

Tina Robinson Design

Valentia Industries Ltd.

Valentia Island Car Ferry

Valentia Island Ribs

Valentia Slate Ltd.

Walsh's Foodstore