Boat builders on valentia island

Boat Building on Valentia

“There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”
– The Wind in the Willows (1908)

What makes your final decision in buying a boat? It’s not just the length, speed, seaworthiness, colour or even the price – It’s the “why?” – for working, for patrolling, for leisure, but the other “why” – Why you bought it from one place rather than another is all about the passion you feel that is driving the boat builder.

In Valentia there are two boatbuilding firms, one headed up by Fionán Murphy of Murphy Marine Services and the Other by Martin Moriarty of Valentia Island Ribs. The sheer enthusiasm and passion these men have for their craft coupled with their proud record of solid, robust and dependable builds is what drives their customers to recommend them time after time. These men know the vagaries of the sea, they live by it and their community live from it. The sea and boats are in their blood. It is the “why” they get up in the morning. It is the “why” you should be talking to them!

They will talk you though the specifications for your boat based on what you need, where you need it to operate, and how you want it fitted out. And they will go on some more… By the time you have finished talking to them, examining their work, looking at their customer list and find out where and in what conditions their boats operate in – you will be half way to being a customer and more than half way to getting the boat built that you really need at a price that you can afford. Here are their contact details.