VIDC is a not for profit company dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for the Community on Valentia Island by promoting employment and enterprise on the Island. Current initiatives include; delivery of a comprehensive tourism strategy; the opening of the Tourist office; establishment of an independent scallop board; development of Valentia lighthouse as a national tourist attraction.

Development of the Harbour at Valentia for both fishing and tourism; development of the Cable Station as an Internationally recognized communications Heritage site and business centre. The completion of a comprehensive feasibility study for the Island and the retention of Valentia Coastguard and Marine Radio Station.

The directors are Fionán Murphy, Anthony O’Connell, Seanie Murphy, Dan Driscoll, Michael Lyne, Vincent Kidd, Conchubhair Lyne, and Brian Morgan.

If you have ideas you would like to share or think we can help please contact Anthony at tocconn@gmail.com .





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