Valentia Island Resource & Childcare Centre

Islanders do it for themselves! Looking for a way to overcome the lack of social opportunities on Valentia Island, in 1993 a small group of mothers living on the island started meeting with their children in the breakfast room of the Royal once or twice a week to talk and play with children. They had no funding and no affiliations with other bodies. The group slowly grew and progessively strengthened, its activities improved and elements of structure were introduced to the meetings. In 1995 parents decided to give the group a formal status, with the main aim of working on creating a preschool on Valentia Island.

Fast forward 17 years, with the assistance of both the community and South Kerry Development Partnership, the island now boasts a wonderful preschool that takes care of children up to five years of age, and at the same time houses other activities such as after-school care, art & drama club, yoga classes for women and computer classes.

Open: Monday to Friday

• Creche
• Preschool (up to the age of 5)
• Full day care
• Sessional
• Part-time
• After school care
• Art & drama club

Manager: Rosemary O’Shea