The waters that surround Valentia Island are a perfect venue for both deep sea and shore anglers. The warming effect of the North Atlantic Drift, an offshoot from the Gulf Stream, heats the offshore waters providing a wide variety of marine species.

You can catch blue shark, cod, ling, conger, pollack, coalfish, skate, haddock, torsk, bullhuss and dogfish, pouting and wrasse of many species. Valentia Island still holds the record for conger, LSD, Ray's bream and red sea bream. It is a formidable sea area.

Valentia can be fished in most sea conditions, should it prove impossible to head for the deep water, there is always the huge harbour that provides many inshore varieties. The charter boats operate from Knightstown pier, tackle and bait can be obtained nearby. This is a choice fishing area and has a lot to offer with plenty to see and do in surrounding areas.

Charter Boats:

Wey Chieftain
Skipper: Andrew Quigley, Farranreagh, Valentia Island
+353 (0)87 632 2818


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