Angelica (wild) - July to Sept
Found in damp, grassy areas & woods this majestic perennial is sweet-scented with a pale, pink flushed white flower

Bird’s-foot Trefoil - June to Sept
Beautiful little yellow pea flowered perennial is a wildflower which brightens up the island’s roadsides, stone walls & can be found in most grassy areas.

Bog Cotton - April to May
Found in the bogs on the western end of the island is loves the very damp peaty ground. Spring sees it at its best with its eye catching white cotton blowing in the wind.

Borage - March to Sept
A bristly perennial plant, it grows on arable, disturbed places it yields very pretty star-shaped blue flowers.

Bramble (Blackberry) - May to Sept
Found on most road ways & ditches on the island this wild plant has a distinctive pink or white flower which gives way in late August – Sept to the edible blackberry.

Broom - May to June
Not unlike the common gorse this beautiful shrub announces the arrival of summer by producing golden, almond scented spikes of yellow pea flowers on wiry branches.

Burdock (thistle) - July to Sept
Found on roadsides & waste places this wildflower is noted for its ‘burrs’ as opposed to its reddish-purple flower head which precede them.

Bush Vetch - May to November
A scrambling plant which produces a dullish purple / red flower on short stems.

Tufted Vetch - June to August
A prettier cousin of the Bush Vetch, the Tufted Vetch is a very attractive part of our landscape, found on the roadside it produces a silky plant with bright blue-purple pea flower.

Buttercup (Meadow) - April to October
Found in many fields around the island this beautiful little perennial holds its
shiny yellow flower up to the sun.

Brooklime - May to Sept
Found in standing water & muddy places produces a pretty little purple flower.

Chickweed (Common) - Jan to Dec
Flowering all year round this straggly little wildflower with tiny white flowers can be found growing on disturbed ground, close to walls & on cultivated ground.

Clover (Red) - May to October
It is a straggling, hairy plant which spreads throughout moist but well-drained soils producing a pinkish to reddish purple flower.

Clover (White) - June to September
Similar to the red clover this sweetly scented creamy white flower appears between June and September.

Common Sorrel - May to August
Seen by most as a weed, this tall slender spike of tiny reddish flowers can be easily spotted on the roadways of the island.

Daisy - March to October
To quote the famous 17th century apothecary & herbalist, Nicholas Culpeper “The Daisy is so well known to almost every child, that I suppose it is altogether needless to write any description”

Dandelion - March – October
Every child knows these bright yellow perennials of the roadsides & grassy waste places, with their wonderful heads of flowers on hollow stems full of sticky white sap.

Dog-Rose - June to August
Fragrant & well-loved shrub of our hedgerows, Dog-Rose produces a pink or white flower from June to August.

Elder - May to June
This is a deciduous shrub which grows in hedges, roadsides throughout the island. In May it hosts heavily scented flat-topped corymbs of creamy-white flowers.

Fuchsia - July to October
Found on all roadways throughout the island, producing beautiful bell-shaped crimson & violet flowers.

Foxglove - June to August
Tall, graceful, downy, biennial plant of woodlands, mountains & sea cliffs, the Foxglove thrives on Valentia with its stunning pinkie-purple flowers.

Heather - July to October
Seen on the islands bogs & mountains it produces a pale purple flower.

Hemlock - June to July
Highly poisonous, this biennial can be found along the roadways of the island, producing a small white flower in clusters of between ten & twenty flowers.

Herb¬-Robert - April to October
A familiar little pink flower it is actually an unpleasant-smelling plant found growing at the bases of walls and shady places – lovely from a distance!


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