About Us

Valentia Industries Ltd, is based within the former Transatlantic Cable Station building located on the waterfront in Knightstown. This idyllic setting belies the fact that behind the big green doors an international company (with office in 13 countries worldwide and counting) is producing an extensive and sophisticated range of technical self-adhesive tape for a wide range of applications in many sectors, including the electrical, electronic, aerospace, photographic and audio/video areas.

The outstanding features of PPI release films are as follows:

  • The virtual absence of migration i.e. the danger of transfer of the silicone from the PPI release film to the material to which it is applied is eliminated
  • The very close tolerance in the coating weight which is available on one or both sides of the film if required
  • The excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance of the base films themselves
  • The temperature resistance of PPI release films based on polyester which will withstand temperatures of up to 130°C for prolonged periods and elevated temperatures of up to 200°C for one hour
  • Their extremely long shelf life
  • The range of release characteristics which can be offered and which make PPI release films suitable for a very wide range of industrial applications
  • The wide range of film thicknesses, roll widths and other formats such as die-cut pieces and sheets which can be supplied. Valentia Industries Ltd is part of the global PPI Adhesive Products Group employing 13 fulltime & 2 part-time staff year round


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